Lake Restoration

Healthy lakes are both an ecological and aesthetic asset to the community. Lakes within an urban environment have high aesthetic and recreational value and often provide the much needed flora and fauna that enhance the quality of life within these communities.
The development within watersheds has increased greatly in recent years and many lakes have been subjected to an ever-increasing load of nutrients and sediments, resulting in decreased water quality. Increased nutrient loadings are most commonly due to excessive use of fertilizers, malfunctioning septic systems, poor erosion control and improper waste disposal within the watershed. The elevated nutrient loadings that find their way into streams, lakes and ponds cause algae blooms, low dissolved oxygen levels, increased water temperature, odors, increased bacteria levels, and stunted fish populations or fish kills. In addition to development impacts, lakes and their surroundings experience deterioration as a result of neglect and lack of maintenance.
TerraBuild brings the knowledge and expertise in evaluating the health of existing lakes and providing design solutions to remediate the quality of water, flora/fauna in and around the lakes. In addition to the water quality, TerraBuild can provide Lake Beautification solutions to promote recreation and enhance the lake surroundings.

  • Water Quality Evaluation
  • Biological & Chemical treatment
  • Public Recreational Amenity Planning/Design
  • Landscape Design Services
  • Lighting Design
  • Recreational Planning (Theme Gardens, Retail, Adventure Parks)
  • Bike & Jogging Trails
  • Marinas